Latest Ankara Jacket Styles You Will Definitely Love!

If you haven’t considered making gorgeous jackets from Ankara fabrics yet – it’s high time for you to think in that direction!

Latest Ankara jacket styles are amazingly stylish and versatile. Even if you throw such a jacket on your usual office wear, you’ll definitely get all the attention of your colleagues. There is a huge variety of such jackets and even Nigerian men appreciate newest Ankara jacket styles now wearing Ankara jacket over their suits! Let’s check out these amazing styles!

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1. Intro

There’s a huge variety of African print fabrics. The most well-known of them are Ankara, Kente, Kitenge, Dashiki, Aso oke, Batik, etc. So if you are looking for luxuriant and trendy Ankara jackets 2017 – this post is for you!

The rightest way to be aware about the newest fashion trends is to look at the latest creations of well-known designers, creations that are being bought rapidly from shops!

We present you 10 top female Ankara jacket designs!

2. Jennyrossy’s princess blazer-style top

Jennyrossy’s princess blazer-style top is a striking style staple with its amazing asymmetrical cut and fancy prints. It is one of the most universal and stylish African print peplum Ankara blazers!

3. Gitas Portal’s forest Ankara bomber jacket

Gitas Portal’s forest Ankara bomber jacket will come handy if you want to give a fresher look to your ordinary outfit. It is colorful and the cut is awesome!

4. Sosome’s Ankara blazer coat

Sosome’s Ankara blazer coat is a unique patchwork jacket designed in drape style. You will be the only one wearing it!

5. Kezziahs Wardrobe’s «Wax print jacket»

Kezziahs Wardrobe’s «Wax print jacket» –these trendy Ankara jackets are a combination of a usual jacket and a trendy bomber. The result is stunning!

6. Demestik’s «The Patricia jacket»

Demestik’s «The Patricia jacket» worn with a traditional office skirt is a mind-blowing win-win! This wrap-up cardigan is of exceptional quality and chic!

7. Kahaari’s «Farai peplum jacket»

Kahaari’s «Farai peplum jacket» – this Ankara peplum jacket is less obviously African than other options while still retaining vivid colors and ethnic prints.

8. Yetunde Sarumi’s «Lizzy jacket»

Yetunde Sarumi’s «Lizzy jacket» with oversized collar will get everybody’s eyes on you!

9. Chenayii’s «Crop jacket»

Chenayii’s «Crop jacket» – this crop-style Ankara suit jacket looks best when worn with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers.

10. Abrefi Fashion’s Ankara print jacket

Abrefi Fashion’s Ankara print jacket fits loosely for a super comfortable feel! This trendy style staple is a gorgeous interpretation of a classic Ankara jacket due to its vivid colors and unique fabric. The stunning belts will underline your juicy curves so that the ruffles flow nicely on your hips!

11. Gitas Portal’s Ankara bomber jacket

Gitas Portal’s Ankara bomber jacket – Gitas Portal is a designer that really delivers on stylish Ankara pieces. Now how chic is this bomber jacket? Santa, all I want for Christmas are stylish Ankara jackets (please and thank you!).

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