Aso Ebi Styles 2017

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Fashion is a constantly changing thing, so you need to keep up with the current trends to look and feel fashionable. And of course, if you’re going to an owambe, you need to be as fashionable and beautiful as possible.

There are a lot of styles of aso ebi dresses, so it can be very difficult to choose one. Let’s hope, that this selection of latest aso ebi styles will help you and your friends to be in the center of everyone’s attention.

Monochrome dresses

Aso Ebi Styles 2017Aso Ebi Styles aso ebi dressesaso ebi dresses nigerian aso ebi stylesMinimalistic style is a great choice, but only if it’s done right. These one-colored dresses without patterns are a great example of such a thing, as they underline the women’s frame and the colors they used are bright and, mostly, warm.

Floral patterns

 aso ebi fashionlatest aso ebilatest aso ebi styles 2016asoebi gownsasoebi gownsaso ebi dress stylesAdding a natural vibe to the Nigerian aso ebi styles makes a winning combination, that will surely draw a lot of attention. They can be used on the main fabric of the dress as well as decorative elements on its décolleté or skirt. Big flowers and ornaments with leaves are used more often in aso ebi in 2017.

Geometric patterns

aso ebi gown stylesaso ebi latest styles aso ebi fashion style aso ebi fashion style nigerian lace stylesRepetitive geometric figures are a classic design elements, that are pretty common in African clothes. They often serve as a kind of optical illusion, that helps to emphasize the strong parts of your figure and hide some flaws. There are a lot of examples of contrast and bland patterns, warm and cold colors being used and different sizes of patterns, you will have to choose the most suitable version for you.

Two contrasting pieces

nigerian aso ebinigerian aso ebinigerian aso ebi latest aso ebi styles aso ebi styles laceOutfits with contrasting pieces usually stand out of the crowd. They are unusual, because they throw away a certain harmony, that everyone expects to see. If you want to look creative and brave, wear a dress with different colored body and skirt (like on the last three photos), or even just wear a monochrome dress and a turban with a different color, which seems to be a popular trend of 2017.

Semitransparent elements

 aso ebi styles lace aso ebiIf you want to look playful and flirty, incorporate some semi-transparent elements on your dress. There is nothing, that will draw the attention of men better, then the revealing clothes. Still, it should stay classy and not be too revealing. The great examples of this balance are these aso ebi gowns


 aso ebi stylesIt seems, that among other aso ebi styles women are starting to use a combination of pants and a jacket more often. It may seem unusual, but it really does work, and for some it looks is much more comfortable and natural.

A popular variation of this trend seems to include an Ankara blazer and loose pants (or skirt).