Want To Look Dashing? Try A Senator Style For Men!

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Clothes with this senator fashion style originally have been worn by then-Senate President Anyim Pius Anyim, which is actually where the style’s name comes from.

Let’s review the main traits and details that are typical for the senator wears.senator style for mensenator cloth design

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Being first worn by the public servant, the senator style for men looks very sharp and sophisticated, but, at the same time, a bit reserved and more mature.

Here are the main pieces of clothing, that are usually used with this style, and how they should look.

1. Shirt

The shirt is the most important part of the senator style. There are actually quite a few different variations of this clothing item, but there are traits, that tie them all together.senator shirtsenator cloth

1.1. Design

Senator shirts are usually longer, then classic ones. Often, they cover half of your hips. At the bottom, the shirts are a bit wider have two cuts on the sides.

They usually don’t have any color, except for the ornamented one sometimes. There are also senator T-shirts, that look a bit more casual, but still have that mature vibes.

1.2. Material

Senator suit styles are very similar to Igbo ones, except for one detail – material they are made out of.

While igbo clothing is usually made out of Akwete fabric, senator suits are made, using simple textile, which makes it much significantly cheaper. Still, the wear looks smart and elegant.Senator suit styles

1.3. Colour

The senator clothes are usually made in black, blue and grey – more strict and strong colours.

There are variations, made in red, white, and even yellow, but in these cases the colours are less bright and a bit dimmed, probably due to the material they are made out of.

1.4. Ornaments

Senator native designs also look quite minimalistic, yet still with a traditional vibe coming from them.

They are usually situated on the collar, chest and/or belly and are made with a contrasting colour with the main one.senator native designssenator native designs

2. Pants

The bottom part of the suit usually completely matches the top one – the senator cloth style remains the same, except for the ornaments – there are none.

The color matches completely too, which creates a feeling of a one-piece suit.senator pants

3. Hat

The senator suit usually is completed with a hat. A popular thing is to use a traditional Igbo hat, which usually has a contrasting with a whole wear colour.

You can also try a hat with wide eaves, which, even if it has a matching to the outfit colour, will definitely attract a lot of attention.