The 60 Most Naked Celebrity Instagram Photos of All Time

The 60 Most Naked Celebrity Instagram Photos of All Time

Almost every day there’s a new (very) public photo to gawk at that shows a star in various forms of undress — and we’re not talking about the poor stars whose personal pics get leaked. There a ton of celebs who love posting naked photos on Instagram for all to see. Obviously, many make headlines for looking like full-on porn pics (Kim Kardashian‘s nude curves, Amber Rose‘s topless shenanigans, Rihanna’s naked ass), while others don’t get quite as much public attention — but they definitely captured ours

Here are the 60 most naked celebrity Instagram photos we’ve come across in our social media travels.

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The selfie that started a feud

In March 2016, Kim Kardashian posted this sexually-charged very naked photo that started a Twitter war between the reality star, Chloe Moretz, Bette Midler, and Piers Morgan.

PHOTO: Instagram/@KimKardashian
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The follow-up

Later that month, Kardashian followed up with another naked selfie, co-starring Emily Ratajkowski.

PHOTO: instagram / @kimkardashian

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