Shade Ladipo is Legally Married!

TV personality Shade Ladipo is officially and legally married.
Shade, who confirmed her engagement to BN a few months ago, shared a photo of herself at the Ikoyi Marriage registry.

Along with the photo she shared on her Instagram page, she penned down an important message.
She wrote:
I’ve always been a lists person so every 3-5years since I turned 18, I have always had a Goals lists
Over the years it has included various things but one thing I always wrote was that I wanted to be married at 35
I don’t know why I chose that age but as I got closer I asked myself if I should change it
So when I turned 30, I changed it and wrote
I want to be Happy at 35
Well I’m Happy, I’m Married and you can finish the rest
My advice for people trying to find ‘The One’
You are ‘The One’
Find yourself
Find your happiness
Find your peace
Everything comes when you’re centred
Congrats to her!
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