Nigerian Wedding Beads: Traditional Oldies & New Trends!

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Nigerian bridal beads (also popular all over Africa) that are worn to important ceremonies look really fancy – simply look at these pics! Naija brides have something to choose from: various designs of long red coral beads and different exotic models.

Let’s get acquainted with the impressive variety of Nigerian bridal beads designs, both of more traditional types, and new, fresh trends. We will also check out some amazing wedding beads photos in this post!

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1. Bead designs for traditional wedding: intro

Everyone (including the guests) at the traditional marriage/engagement ceremonies must wear bead necklaces.

Homemade Nigerian traditional wedding beads for a really authentic wedding vary in terms of designs and styles: from plain strings of beads to the ones embellished with brooches, pendants, and Swarovski crystals.

2. Most popular bridal beads for traditional wedding

It has been deeply rooted that the red coral bead (aka the princess beaded dress) has been and remains one of the most popular bead jewelry for the Nigerian traditional engagement/marriage ceremony. Recently other materials have been used to make the bridal beads such as pearl, glass, and crystals.

Nigerian wedding beads can be made of plastic even and still look awesome!

This option is very affordable but still can look chic and it’s easy to find at a local market. Check out the pictures for your inspiration!

3. Latest bridal beads: crystals & gemstones

The new mind-blowing trend consists in mixing crystal beads and semi-precious gemstones that you can additionally embellish with a brooch to be an absolute eye-candy as a bride!

Therefore, if you are to get married in 2017 and want to be stylish and trendy, choose from various gemstones to look really fabulous on your wedding portrait with this super-cute jewelry style!


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