How To Make Soya Milk In The Simplest And Most Natural Way!

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Soya milk is preferred in most countries since it doesn’t only replace cow milk with a vegetable analog, but is also used for making unique soups, delicious drinks, yogurt, pastries, puddings, and the famous tofu.

Its popularity is not surprising: it is an ideal milk substitute for lactose intolerant people. The list of useful properties of soy milk is amazing!

Let’s see how to make soya milk in the simplest, fastest, and most importantly – in the most natural way!

Soya milk

1. How to prepare soya milk: the easiest way!

If you are looking for how to make soya beans milk in the fastest and easiest way – this recipe is for you.

This recipe doesn’t contain any harmful additives (dried vegetable fat, preservatives, and flavorings for imitating the taste of cow’s milk). The resulting product is suitable for drinking immediately or as an ingredient for various dishes.


  • Soy (white, large) – 100 g;
  • Water (boiled or not) – 800 ml;
  • Salt (sugar, any spices, and seasoning you like).


  • Place soy in water in the evening, remove the water and wash the beans in the morning;

  • Place the beans into a blender and fill it with water so that it only covers the soy;

How to prepare soya milk

  • Blend well until it turns into thick mashed mass. Add water almost to the top of the bowl and once again start the blender;

  • The mass then must be filtered through a sieve and squeezed;

  • Then pass through the tea and coffee filter and squeeze thoroughly;

  • Place the remaining soybean cake back to the blender and pour water again and stir at high speed. Then filter again. This should be repeated with the remaining volume of water. You will need 4 liters of water for a kilogram of soy. 5-6 glasses of milk can be produced with this amount of ingredients.

  • Result:


2. How to make soy milk drink that everyone will like!

Some people are unaccustomed to the taste of soy milk. It’s ok since you can add everything you like to the ready milk! For example, jams, fruits, honey, syrups, sugar, chocolate, etc!

The number of additives to soy milk is really impressive: ginseng, cocoa, carrots, chestnut, berries and even collagen!

3. How to store soy milk

Store no more than 6 hours at room temperature, and 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

4. Benefits of soy milk

  • An excellent substitute for regular milk since it does not contain any lactose;
  • a rich source of macro- and microelements, isoflavone, protein, thiamine, pyridoxine, vitamin B12 and vitamin E;
  • a rich source of vegetable fiber;
  • low-calorie product that is an excellent easily digestible dietary product, good for hypersecretion or gastric ulcer, obesity and chronic cholecystitis;
  • among important soy milk benefits we should definitely mention the presence of cyanocobalamin that positively affects the circulatory system, and coupled with thiamine and pyridoxine improves the activity of the nervous system and metabolic processes;
  • being a rich source of vitamin E it prevents tumors and premature aging;
  • improvement of skin and hair;
  • a natural source of phytoestrogens for preventing heart disease and osteoporosis as well as fighting many symptoms of menopause.

5. How to make soy milk yogurt

So, we have already figured out how to make soy milk in the simplest way – let’s start making yogurt:

  • heat soy milk to the temperature of 42-45 degrees;
  • add 1 spoonful of liquid yogurt starter (sold in stores) containing special microorganisms, mainly – Streptococcus thermophiles and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Microorganisms in milk begin to multiply and create the product we need;
  • make sure to keep the temperature within 42-45 ° C for 5-6 hours;
  • then cool the yogurt.


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