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 Date of birth:8th April 1995 Height:5ft 11inches

Mobile No.:08178726762

Brief Description of myself,my experience as a model and my aspirations
I am Mabel Sobio,fair in complexion,5ft 11inches tall with a slender frame,i have a honey blonde color eyes,brown hair,an oval-shaped face and two-sided dimples. I am an extrovert with an elegant gait..i am a subtle dresser,i believe my personality,style,smile and my demeanor are distinguishing qualities i have..i am a fan of principles and versatility,and i am a native of Kalabari,Abonnema town,Akuku-toru local government in Rivers state,Nigeria.

As a model i started grooming myself from secondary school because i knew i have a goal i plan to achieve as an extraordinary model. I chose fashion and modelling as my career path as i have passion for it. In 2010 i won a beauty pageant contest,it was one of the best moments in my life as it was the first time and that motivated me to go further…it was the first of many achievements that came in later time.In my journey as a model i met an exceptional woman that i look up to till this very day,she groomed me in catwalk and every other thing i needed to know as a model who has aspirations to get to the top without falling back(kudos to you miss sally)
I am aspiring to get to the top and make exploits and one day be recognized world wide as one of Africa’s best models. I want to be a role model to woman-hood, inspire the up-coming generation of female children that through hard work and dedication they will make it in life.

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mabel sobio

Mabel sobio

mabel sobio

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