Leroy Marc Tells Us About Himself, His Style And the Future of African Fashion

Welcome to the world of Leroy Marc, a prolific South African radio and TV presenter on BET Africa. Leroy is also an actor and model with endorsements from fashion labels like Wrangler Jeans and Diesel Jeans . In this interview we learn about him, his style, and how he sees the African fashion industry in years to come. He also talked about his style Icon and the challenges facing the African Fashion Industry.

*Ojes Daniel becomes O.D and Leroy Marc becomes L.M hereinafter

O.D: Tell us about yourself and your style journey
L.M: Hi, I’m Leroy Marc, a radio and television presenter on BET Africa, I fell in love with fashion when I was in university. I started collecting fashion magazines and following the journeys of notable local and international designers soon after. What intrigued me the most about fashion is the fact that it is literally the closest thing to your skin, the most direct representation of who you are.

leroy marc interview

O.D: What do you think about the African fashion industry?
L.M: It is full of some of the best talent on this globe, the genesis of fashion is Africa, the fabrics, the prints, the sheer caricature of fashion all originates in Africa and the Orients. We have great talents like David Tlale, Thaibo Bakar, Anel Botha and tons others who continually shape the business and landscape of fashion work incredible finesse. What a brilliant time to be alive to witness the fashion.

O.D: Who is your celebrity style icon?
L.M: I have several, David Tlale, Patoranking, Sizwe Dhlomo and Tom Ford.

O.D: What are the five fashion items you can’t do without?
L:M: Good underwear, I believe underwear is as much fashion as outer wear.
A good leather jacket, a good solid watch, a navy blue blazer and a great pair of jeans.

leroy marc interview

O.D: Who are some of your favorite designers, photographers etc?
L.M: David Tlale, Ntando Ngwenya, Viktor & Rolf; Naked Ape;
Photographers Steven Meisel, Mario Testino and Jerri Mokgofe,

O.D: How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?
L.M: Twitter and Instagram are great instant portals to fashion, I read tons of fashion magazines and luckily I have close friends in the fashion world and real fashion aficionados so I get a constant stream of fashion knowledge and conversation.

O.D: How would you describe your personal style?
L.M: Clean with a dash of daring.

O.D: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the African fashion industry?
L.M: We don’t think our goods are good enough, we would rather spend hundreds of dollars on western designer labels and cannot spend half of that on designer goods from the continent that has just as good workmanship and often better heritage and pedigree. We are our own worst enemy.

He currently hosts the Saturday late evening talk and variety music show Man Talk with Leroy Marc on Trans Africa Radio broadcasting to Part Asia, Part Europe and Africa through the digital platforms of live streaming, DSTV audio Bouquet and Mobile Internet Site. He also produces the content, technical production and hosts the show with a comprehensive listenership of over 6 Million across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Leroy is simply an awesome individual.

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