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House paint design in Nigeria has recently experienced significant advance not only due to interior designers’ fantasy but also due to the appearance of new colors and techniques. Creating an “expensive interior” is one of the dominant trends nowadays.

People imagine ‘expensive interior’ in different ways: for some, it implies using lots of golden hues and monograms, for others – it means purchasing furniture from designers. However, everyone enjoys hearing that their interior looks expensive.

It can be quite costly to create an interior like this. Nevertheless, if you check out these house painting designs and colors ideas, the task will be much easier for you.

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1. Inventive & fancy painting techniques

Interior decoration for a living room in Nigeria is highly versatile nowadays implying wide usage of color accents and various patterns. Ground-breaking designs like murals, unusual woodwork, fancy windows, doors, molding are also very popular.

Check out these fancy painting techniques for inspiration: Wall Stripes, Stucco, Sheen, Vinyl matt, Vinyl silk, Flex, Eggshell and many others.

2. Vibrant colors to improve your mood

Choosing paint colors for their homes most people are afraid to choose bold eye-catching hues preferring calmer colors.

However, color is a powerful way to boost your spirit, so just go ahead and try some bolder colors. Most pop designs for a living room in Nigeria are based on this principle.

3. Faux and Decorative Painting

Transform your conventional home using incredible faux painting techniques! You can create the impression of walnut walls or raw silk ceilings. Don’t set any limits to your fantasy!

4. Swahili, an innovative metallic finish for interiors

Modern room decoration in Nigeria tends t include this highly popular and win-win trend.

Swahili is a textured finishing with metallic pigments. It comes in silver or gold base. This water-based coat doesn’t have any smell and reminds of ancient decorative techniques.

5. Complex shades

Most trendy Nigerian sitting room decoration ideas include using multiple colors in the interior. Introduce one or two darker exquisite shades on a wall or your favorite sofa to make your home look unusual and expensive.

6. Patterns and textures

Adding textures and patterns to your home interior can make it look absolutely chic!

You can add an unusual wood figure or soft upholstery furniture for your home to look more aristocratic and definitely more expensive!

7. Glittering metallic

Metallic coating always looks luxurious and expensive. You don’t have to gild every item of your interior, though. Several silver or bronze accents will be quite sufficient.

8. House painting color combinations

Before you start experimenting with color combination for living room check out these classic solutions:

  • Blue and Cream. This combination is versatile in terms of style and is very classy.

  • Blue and Green. These colors f nature will inspire you, cheer you up and calm you down.

  • Green and Neutral. This combination will make you really energetic!

  • Green and Pink. These colors look really great and dynamic together.

  • Neutral shades create are really versatile either being the base for more dramatic colors or layered for a perfect coziness!

  • Greenery. Various shades of green are perfect for making your living spaces livelier! Add a little yellow or teal for an even fresher impression!

  • Pink with Grey. This combination looks very noble and imposing.

  • Serenity. Subtle tones look really calm and peaceful when combined correctly.

9. Modern color schemes for a living room: top 40

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