Top 7 Reasons To Get Your Kid A Dog

Do you want your child to grow up into a fully-developed healthy person with great communicational skills? There is a simple parenting trick for you – get yourself a dog! It will make a great contribution to your child’s upbringing, while also creating a positive atmosphere in your house. Find yourself a new friend on Jiji!

1.  Diseases

art-childrenScientists have proven, that children, that grow up with a pet have less chance to catch an infectious and respiratory disease, than the ones, that don’t. This can be explained via the mechanism of immunity in our body. If you keep your kid in sterile conditions, it will actually hurt his immunity, as his body won’t develop proper antibodies. A set of microbes, that live on a dog, helps to stimulate your child’s immune system.

2.  Self-confidence


If your kid is a little shy and diffident, the dog will help him to develop his self-confidence. If you child will be responsible for a life of someone else, he will fill his importance, soon he will be more certain about his decisions.

3.  Less stress

Dog owners are less exposed to stress, as your animal calms you down, takes your anxiety off of you. Petting a dog strengthens one’s nervous system lowers blood pressure and calms down a nervous system.

4.  An active way of life


Walks and runs with the dog help a balanced physical development and cultivate a love of sports in a child.

5.  Discipline

Everyday walks, feedings and other activities create a sort of schedule, that is absolutely mandatory, which means, that your kid will get used to it, which means, that he will get accustomed to discipline and order.

6.  Unite a family


A dog is a very lovable creature, once you get it, it will become everyone’s favorite member of your family. Taking care of the dog together will unite you. So, if you children don’t have problems getting along, try getting this friendly and playful creature.

7.  Communication

Every dog has its own personality, so, while playing and taking care of it, your child will certainly develop proper communicational skills, that will be useful in our society. Also, dog owners usually have a certain club, which could allow your kid to make new friends based on the mutual interest.

So, if you want your child to have a true friend, that will certainly make him feel loved and needed, which will definitely help him to learn how to share his affections with people around him, then you should get a dog right now. Also, it makes for a great Christmas present. Look for a pet you need on Jiji right now!

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