Easy Way To Make Ankara Shoes

You’ll be able to make stylish and fashionable traditional Ankara shoes even more unique and personal, besides, you can make them a perfect match for your Ankara dress. So, if you’re interested in how to make Ankara shoes, this tutorial is just for you!

1. Materials

Here are the materials, that you’re going to need to make the shoes you’ll love:

  • Ankara fabric (or really any fabric you like, that can be glued on – silk most likely won’t be suitable)
  • Fabric glue (preferably – gum glue, most other adhesives will be fine, except for the super glue)
  • Old or new shoes
  • Scissors, pencil or a piece of chalk, measuring tape

2. Tutorial

2.1. Clean your shoes

You’re going to glue the Ankara fabric to the surface of the shoes, so you need to meticulously clean them, so that the fabric won’t have any folds and air bubbles.

Use alcohol-containing cleaning substances to remove an oil from the surface of polished shoes. Remove the sole from your shoes, if you’re sure, that you’ll be able to put it back.

This way you’ll ensure, that the fabric won’t wear off and peel away at the bottom of the shoe.how to make Ankara shoes

2.2. Measure the fabric and cut the pieces

This is the most important part, as it ensures, that you’ll get matching shoes with evenly spread material and corresponding ornaments. You can either cover all surface with one piece or make it in a few patches.

One piece variation looks more organic and creates a feeling, that it was made on the factory. Furthermore, it is much easier to make your shoes to match with a one piece of cloth. On the other hand, covering your shoe with different patches creates layers, which look great on some kinds of shoes.

Moreover, it will be easier for you to measure and cover tricky areas of your shoe, for example, abrupt edges. Choose the way, that suits you and your style. Leave a couple of centimeters on top and bottom of the shoe to clip it to the inside surface and under the sole.how to make Ankara shoes

2.3. Glue the fabric on

When your pieces of cloth are ready, you may start to put a glue on the shoes. Make sure, that it is spread evenly all over the surface of the shoe. If you’re putting on patches of the fabric, use some more glue on the seams.

Don’t use an instant glue, as it won’t let you do even minor adjustments to the fabric placement. Don’t use too much glue, as the excessive substance can get onto the fabric and stain it. Make sure, that all surface is covered in fabric, don’t leave any empty spots.

2.4. Make last adjustments

Cut off the redundant fabric, clip the fabric to the inside surface of the shoe and under its soil, put the soil back on its place. Your shoes are almost ready, it’s time to let the glue to dry.

3. Additional tips

  • Cut the fabric in the places your shoes will bend while you walk. This way you’ll prevent the fabric from wrinkling.
  • Add a hand-made flower or bow above your Ankara fabric, this additional detail will only improve your stylish shoes
  • Wondering how to make Ankara slippers and sandals? Basically, do everything the same, except use only one piece of cloth on every lace.
  • Make Ankara bag or necklace to create the full set of accessories.
  • Have fun while doing it, your shoes should match not only your clothes, but your personality too!

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