8 Ways To Exercise At Work [Survey Results]

Some people tell me they have to be creative to exercise at work. Being in front of their desk and doing stretches or exercises, with all their coworkers able to see them…is just too weird.


People who don’t have the luxury of a private office, often use the bathroom…to exercise at work.

But their creativity does not end there! I did a survey about your ways to exercise at work. The responses below sum up what I got:

1. Lennox, a physician, recommends Tread Desk to exercise at work.

Tread Desk
Walking while typing! Credit: TreadDesk.com

” I am a 39 year old physician specializing in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, so as a doctor function, almost any treatment I prescribe involves exercise. Sadly, with a more-than-full-time job as a physician, and as the mom of a 3 year old, and having another business as well, I rarely have time to exercise unless it’s after 10 PM.

New studies show that even if you exercise, prolonged sitting decreases your life expectancy. The other physician with whom I work & I were both really concerned about the effects this prolonged sitting, not to mention the fact that we were both getting low back pain, so we recently purchased a Tread Desk. Now we take turns on the treadmill while we type our daily notes. I already feel better, have more energy, and feel more focused at work. It’s been such an easy way to add exercise time and actually increase my productivity at work too.”

2. Carrie, a twin Mom…uses 5 min Youtube videos to exercise at work.

I sneak exercise at work as much as possible, it energizes me during the course of the day. I often utilize YouTube and do a short 5 minute Tracy Anderson Arm video, which is great.

[Why are you exercising/stretching?]

To feel a little bit looser after long periods of sitting at the computer, and to increase my energy level if I am feeling a little bit sluggish.

[Have you seen any improvements in your body or mind by doing so? If yes, what?]

Yes, mainly mental improvements. I feel more energized afterwards and better able to focus. The video I mentioned above has definitely helped my arms become very toned!”

3. Ian, a CEO, has fitness gear at work.

“I understand the importance of exercise for my health and well-being, but I can only make it to the gym twice a week because of my busy schedule.

Accordingly, I have a chin-up bar, dumbbells, and a punching bag in my office that I use at every opportunity on days I don’t make it to the gym. I also keep my mountain bike in the office so I can use it to go on local errands and still get a good workout of it. I am using the bike to peddle to the store to pickup lunch helps to get some cardio into my routine but is not enough by a long shot.”

4. Elizabeth, a PR professional, works with a personal trainer during lunch breaks.

Working out with a trainer at lunch breaks
Working out with a trainer at lunch breaks.

“My boss hired a personal trainer for me and my coworkers, at Marketing Maven Public Relations. This helps us all stay fit and energized throughout the week. Sometimes I work out with the trainer on my lunch-break, which always helps me recharge and refocus.”

5. John, a consultant, goes for runs!

“These days I’m the CEO so I go for a run or a long bike ride when I need to unlock some creativity. Exercise forces you to work both sides of your brain which I find helps me have those great aha! moments. No one can tell me that exercise is a waste of time and I know its worth it.

I used to balance on an exercise ball which is great for abs  and lower back. It’s a bit distracting at first but you get used to it and then I think its helpful because it makes your mind more active and present.”

6. Karyn, a real estate expert, uses SpinGym to exercise at work.

“I am 40 years old and a Real Estate Broker. I exercise at work all the time in an effort to stay fit. I am preparing for a fitness competition and don’t always have the time to get to the gym.
I use a product called the SpinGym.com to do my arms. It is a simple way to get my arm exercises in and easy to carry around.”

7. Susan, an online jewelry retailer, uses weights at the office.

I recently brought an eight-pound weight into the office that sits under my desk to remind me to do bicep curls, tricep kick-backs and overhead presses to try to reduce the flaps on my upper arms. I do three sets of twelve on each side during the course of the day…

I’m hoping it makes wearing sleeveless tops and dresses a little more comfortable this year!

8. Tyler, the VP of a fitness website, does push-ups to exercise at work.

Push-ups at work
Exercise at work…with push-ups!

“One of the benefits of working for a fitness website is the encouragement to keep fit and healthy all the time, even at work! Whether it’s random push-ups or a quick 5 minute walk and stretch, I try to include some exercise in my daily routine every few hours to keep myself alert. It really helps me focus and improves my productivity throughout a long day!

Looking for more ideas to exercise at work? The “Office Exercise and Stretch” android app may be just what you need for stretches, office exercises, and the ability to set reminders to get you off the chair!

Any other ideas to exercise at work? I’d love to hear them!

Photo Credits: trainer- familymwr ; push-ups – SparkFunElectronics

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