You Should Never Chuck Out These Classic Jeans—and We've Got Proof

There’s a big debate about how to wear boyfriend jeans, and it goes very much like this: Should you wear heels or flats? Some argue that to counteract the looser fit, you should opt for heels (even if it’s small) to elevate the denim to a more sophisticated look. Others say that you should embrace the slouchy style and follow suit with a pair of brogues, heavy boots or simple sneakers.
Much like skinnies, we imagine that a pair of boyfriend jeans is lurking in your wardrobe. But thanks to other styles getting more attention (frayed hems or cropped flares, for example), perhaps they haven’t been your go-to for some time. But when you look at some recent street style pictures, we’ve noticed other girls haven’t been so quick to ditch them. Turns out there are plenty of top fashion influencers who can’t get enough of boyfriend jeans. Further proof that a) you shouldn’t give up on them, and b) yes, you can wear them with heels and flats.
In fact, there are so many types of boyfriend jeans in stores right now, we have the luxury of picking a host of styles to suit all tastes. From two-tone to distressed, shop for your ultimate pair, and get inspired by some street looks for restyling them into 2017. Keep scrolling to see how to wear your boyfriend jeans and where to buy the best now.


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