What to Wear in 60 Degree Weather

Sweater Dress + Knee High Boots

Sixty degree weather is the IDEAL weather to wear your beloved sweater dress! Sweater dresses are undoubtedly one of the cutest garments on the market, with cozy knitting that hits just above the knee but also hitting right at the wrists to make sure you stay warm. Pair your sweater dress up with a pair of knee high boots, and don’t forget to accessorize with a long necklace and clutch bag. You’re on your way!

Long Sleeve + Shorts + Tights + Boots

While sweater dresses are designed with knitting to ensure your warmth, shorts on the other hand are not; so while you can skip the tight when wearing your sweater dress, it’s best to throw a pair of tights on if you want to rock your shorts in 60 degree weather.

Shorts pair up nicely with just about any long sleeve top. You may or may not need a jacket, depending on how you handle cooler weather, but one thing for sure is you need to finish off your look with some boots. Knee high boots are an ideal go-to, but you can also get by with some shorter styles or even ankle booties. If you still find yourself a little too cold outside but you don’t want to ruin your entire style with a bulky jacket or sweater, then you can always rock a scarf around the neck. Scarves are always on-trend and are an easy way to make sure you’re warm and toasty up top.

There’s tons of ways to rock shorts during 60 degree weather, making them a definite go-to when you’re going to school or just hanging out with your gal pals.

Maxi Dress + Scarf + Sweater

Maxi dresses are typically reserved solely for summer weather, but why should you completely ignore those lovely dresses during 60 degree weather? Forget that! Bust out your favorite maxi dress and rock it with pride, even if it IS a little bit cooler outside.

But simply wearing a maxi dress is probably not a great idea during cooler weather, especially if it’s a sleeveless maxi or one with very small straps. To make sure you’re not freezing to death when you’re out and about, toss on a nice sweater to match with your maxi and don’t forget a gorgeous scarf.

This particular look is perfect for date night when the weather is a little bit chilly but you still want to look like a beautiful, feminine diva that’s sure to have ALL eyes on her. Wear your hair up or down, add on a little bit of makeup, and finish your style with some booties or sandals depending on how you’re feeling. Viola! You are date night ready and looking flawless.

Long Sleeve Top + Skinny Jeans + Vest + Booties

We all know that skinny jeans are a must nowadays, seeing as how they are THEE trendiest jeans on the market and in the fashion industry. Sixty degree weather is the perfect time to wear your beloved skinnies, whether they are dark wash or a lighter wash with trendy rips and accents. But what should you pair with your favorite skinnies when the weather hits around 60 degrees?

Skinny jeans are extremely versatile, and almost anything can pair up with them. But one of the most classic ways to wear your skinny jeans is with a pair of cute booties- you know, the boots that hit right at the ankle with a little hint of heel for some added height. (Note: ladies, adding a little bit of height with your shoes will make your legs look longer and more slender, the perfect pairing when you’re rocking skinny jeans that show off your legs and curves beautifully).

Once you’ve got your favorite booties picked out, it’s time to go for a long sleeved top. Any long sleeve will do, whether you choose something vibrant and flashy or a bit more tame. Any long sleeve works with skinny jeans, and if you’re one of those girls that LOVES button ups and flannels, feel free to pair that up with your look.

Finish off this classic style with a vest of your choosing. Faux fur is an excellent option because it gives off a sophisticated, classy, and extremely stylish feel that’s loaded up with sassy attitude. But if you’re no the faux fur lover, pretty much any vest will do. It will keep you warm when the weather is closer to 60 degrees, but in case the weather revs up to the 70’s, you can quickly and easily take the vest off and show your trendy attire.

Dresses, skinny jeans, vests, and scarves- there’s tons of great ways to rock your favorite attire during 60 degree weather, and nothing is off limits as long as you know how to mix and match to make sure you’re warm and comfortable.

We love these amazing 60 degree weather outfits, but we have to ask: which one of these outfits is your favorite, and what do you normally wear when the weather drops to the 60’s? Leave comments!

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