Today's Election must be held. Go out and vote in or vote out

Today, February 23rd, 2019, the first round of the general elections will hold. Nigerians will decide who decide who will lead the country in the different arms of government.

You, the citizen, get to choose the president, house of representatives members, and senators today. You get to vote who you think deserves that mandate. You get choose one person who you believe will have your best interest at heart.

While the focus has overtime been on the presidency, we urge you to take the senate and house of reps elections seriously. These are the lawmakers, your representatives. You need to know them and communicate with them, what you want them to contribute on the floor of the senate or the House.

No matter what happens after today, we urge you to continue to hold whoever is voted in accountable. Continue to demand results for the work the nation has contracted them for. Be involved.

Your vote is your power, your voice. Don’t sell it!

Should you encounter any problem as regards voting? Call INEC Hotlines: 0700-CALL-INEC (0700-2255-4632) 09050858629, 09050858675, 09050858649 08180958715, 08180958717, 08180958709 09025038466, 07086945927, 08120183063 07062896047, 08105119010, 08146697603

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