This Documentary shows why it’s Important for Parents & their Children to talk about Death | WATCH

Burying one’s loved one is never easy. No matter how old.
There’s the pain of losing someone you love, then all the activities that come with planning for th burial.
But what’s also important is knowing what the individual wants for their funeral and how do you know if you hadn’t talked about it before hand.

In Nigeria, for example, it’s almost like a taboo to talk about death, even between parents and their children. But it should be.
In this BBC Stories documentary, Tosin, who lost both parents within three months talked about not having the chance to ask her dad if he wanted to be buried in the UK or Nigeria and why it’s important to have that conversation.
Ndu, who lost his dad 2 months prior, shared how his dad had had the death conversation with his mum and how they had to call back home, in Nigeria, to inform the family of their plans to bury him in the UK, and why it’s been done that way.
Watch the documentary below:

How do you decide where to bury your parents if you don’t speak about death?

Tosin lost both of her parents within three months, but never had the chance to ask her dad if he wanted to be buried in the UK or Nigeria.

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