The Invictus Group is offering Financial & Skill Support to Small and Medium Enterprises | Find Out How to Apply

What is Invictus Group?
We are an investment company with a diversified focus both in terms of sectors and regions. We actively seek opportunities where we can add significant value through a combination of networks, expertise, relationships and skills. Through an arm of one of our subsidiaries, Invictus Investments, we have early-stage investment portfolio seeking to invest in bold, innovative, and widely scalable social enterprises that have the potential to dramatically improve the lives Nigerians in Nigeria.

Are you our next investment?
Invictus Group invests in small to medium sized existing enterprises (SME’s) with the potential of dramatically improving the lives of people around the world. We are entrepreneurial investors–we support ventures that other investors find too ambitious or too risky and partner with bold, big-thinking entrepreneurs to address critical challenges that people face in Nigeria as well as globally.
What do we look for in existing Small-Medium sized existing companies?
  • Solution driven-focused: Is improving the lives of individuals at the core of your business?
  • Investment-ready: Are you ready to use investment capital to launch your new venture or pilot a new
    initiative to expand your existing business?
  • Innovative: Are you bringing something new to the market and forging new frontiers for
  • Widely Scalable: Can your business model cost-effectively reach a rapidly growing number of individuals
    in a few years?
How do we invest?
  • Seed investments from N0–N10 000 000.
  • Revenue-share investment terms over 3-5 years in the form of debt, equity and/or grant capital.
  • Strategic advisory support from industry experts.
How to apply for investment consideration?
Applications are open year-round via our website: You can also contact us via email:
Application Requirements
  • Applicants must have an existing business and are expected to submit a comprehensive Business
  • Shareholders/owners are expected to make a financial contribution. At most, Invictus Group
    matches the shareholder/owners financial contribution. In exceptional circumstances Invictus
    Group may extend finance in excess of the owner’s contribution.
  • The project/business must exhibit economic merit in terms of profitability and sustainability.
  • Latest audited and actual financials signed by the finance director, MD or CEO (when applicable).
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