The Day My Pants Tore Up In Front Of Everybody On Movie Set – Beautiful Actress, Pat Ugwu Recounts

Nigerian actress, Pat Ugwu has recounted a very embarrassing thing that happened to when she was shooting a movie. 

Pat Agwu
Pat Ugwu, a fast-rising Nollywood actress-cum-video vixen, who is well known for always posting raunchy pictures on social media, has revealed her unforgettably embarrassing moment.
In a chat with Inside Nollywood, she recalled: “I have had several embarrassing moments. The one I can recall vividly was when I was on a movie set dancing. Unknown to me, my pants got torn and the DOP didn’t tell me.
“I was dancing and twerking, having a nice time on set, not knowing that the crew were having a nice time watching me dance with my torn pants. When I later realised, I was so angry. I told the DOP I won’t work with him again.”
The actress also maintains that her boyfriend encourages her to flaunt her ‘assets’ publicly, which she has been doing to her satisfaction.
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