The ‘Cheapest’ Car Driven By France Midfielder, Ngolo Kante (Photos)

Ngolo Kante has been described as a very shy young man who keeps to himself and hates to show off any material possessions. 

Ngolo Kante
The French World Cup-winning squad is an assemblage of multi-millionaires.
The total-net worth of all the players in the team amounts to the GDP of some countries. Indeed, the members of the French national football squad are well rewarded for their sporting enterprise.
With their fat paychecks, they can all afford to live the luxurious life. For instance, most of them drive luxurious super-automobiles. Even the 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe owns a Ferarri, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Range Rover and more.
Interestingly, one of these multimillionaires prefer to live a life that draws no attention. He is N´Golo Kanté. Kante plays for the English premiership club, Chelsea FC. He has a networth of about $13milion.
His weekly salary at Chelsea is about £120,000.per week. That translates to about a staggering half a million pounds a month. However, despite his fat pay cheques, the midfielder, who was named best French player of 2017, he isn’t one to show off.
While most of his colleagues are driving round in luxury motors, Kanté is happy with a Mini Cooper S, which costs just about N9.6 million. According to him, “I’ve never been a car lover, when I was young my ambition was never to have a car or anything like that”.
Kanté, bought the Mini Cooper S while he was playing for Leicester City FC.
In January 2018, he had a collision with a truck with his Mini Cooper S. The car suffered some dents. Instead, of trading it off for another, he took it for bodywork.
In an interview, the 26 year old Kante admitted that when he moved to England, he had to be persuaded to buy a car as acquiring a car was not part of his agenda.
According to him, his plan when he arrived England was to run to training everyday.
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