​Somizi calls out Bonang Matheba for reportedly lying about abusive ex-Boyfriend in her book

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Toke Makinwa’s BFF and AKA’s girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, has been accused of lying about the violent abuse she claimed she suffered in 2012 from her ex-boyfriend, Euphonik in her new book Bonang From A to B.

In her book, Bonang said she stopped being friends with Somizi an Idols Judge, after he became friends Euphonik even after witnessing the violence towards.

bonang and somizi

She wrote in her book;

“In The End, It Was One Of The Reasons I Stopped Being Friends With One Of My Closest Friends, Somizi Mhlongo, Although Not Immediately…It Took Me A While To Eventually Leave That Relationship, And Years After I Had, Somizi, Who Was My Friend, Suddenly Became Friends With My Ex[Euphonik]. The Same One Whose Violence Towards Me He Had Witnessed. That’s When I Knew He Had To Go. I Couldn’t Trust Him Anymore So I Cut Him Out Of My Life.”

bonang and somizi

However in an interview at Metro FM, Somizi told a caller;

“ Euphonik and I never spoke until after a year of our break up. I’ve never witnessed Euphonik abusing her.”

“I was obsessed with her [Bonang], I was so loyal that I would even fight her battles even if it has nothing to do with me. To this day I would still want to know. If she respected our friendship, she would have confronted me, she never confronted me about anything. I would have done it.”

Bonang is however yet to respond to this.