#SheMakesADifference: MAGGI’s New TVC Reveals How Special Women Are!

As women, it’s safe to say we juggle a lot of roles every day and society has made us see these as normal. And the thing with being “normal” is we see nothing special in the things we do.

Thankfully, we are not the only ones who see the activities of women as special. Your favourite seasoning brand, MAGGI, does as well.

You may remember MAGGI from all the times your mother used to say “good cooking Maggi cubes” or very recently for their new product, MAGGI Naija Pot,the one that gives the bottom pot goodness in every meal. Well, you’re going to have one more reason to not only remember but also love MAGGI.
In recent times, MAGGI has slowly crept their way back into the hearts of their customers with their new TVC. The new TVC shows all the different roles women play daily and the trick is it shows how they do it ever so gracefully.
This is particularly interesting because some other season brands just show women in the kitchen or trying to be in the kitchen. The MAGGI ad on the other hand, shows the woman as a mother who has time for her kids (Caregiver), looks good everyday (Slayer), makes money moves (Boss Lady), bargains and gets only the freshest ingredients from the market (Inspector Fresh), throws it down in the kitchen (Kitchen Grandmaster) and brings the family together with the aroma and deliciousness of her food (Family Magnet). Imagine doing all this and someone still tells you it’s ‘normal’. Girl, if you’re even doing half of these you should give yourself a lot of accolades.
The MAGGI ad is also interesting because it’s relatable to both the married and not yet married, after all we all have to eat good food. You will totally love this MAGGI ad, especially because it shows the many different ways women make a difference daily and everyone deserves to see it.
If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it below and thank us later:

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