Rapper HHP attempted suicide 3 times in 2015 before he died yesterday

Rapper HHP attempted suicide 3 times in 2015 before he died yesterday
South African rap star Jabulani Tsambo, popularly known as HHP, attempted suicide 3 times in 2015 before he died yesterday. The cause of his death is shrouded in secrecy, leaving many suspicious that he may have committed suicide.

The veteran hip-hop star opened up during a 2016 interview that 2015 was a tough year for him and he attempted suicide 3 times. He said he was eager to end his life that he turned to an online suicide assist website to get information about suicide methods.
The rapper said the idea of ending his life first entered his thoughts after a therapy session with a professional left him feeling lethargic due to the medication. HHP explained that he also felt that his issues were not really resolved.
He said at the time:
I was thinking while my policies (life insurance) are still active, let me just go out. Fifteen minutes I should be done. An hour and a half later, nothing happens. I’m listening to the song on repeat now. I get out the car. It’s time to take the kids to school.
He said he tried again with an older car but still didn’t succeed so he turned to the suicide assist website again and it suggested using helium as a way of committing suicide. Ahortly after a fight with his girlfriend, he tried again when she wasn’t around, this time with helium, but it still didn’t work.
This failed attempt brought about a turning point in the rapper’s mind. He said it occurred to him then that if he really wanted to die, he needed to live first, and do all the things he’s always wanted to do and has been scared of doing.
Sadly, the rapper passed away on Wednesday afternoon, October 24. The cause of his death has not been revealed.

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