Plain And Pattern Daviva Styles

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As one of the best-known fashion brands in Nigeria, Daviva stands at the forefront of the latest clothing trends. Daviva gown styles are famous for being exceptionally trendy and beloved by Nigerian fashionistas of all ages.

Daviva has made its name mainly by producing stunning Ankara fabrics and clothing, whether it’s plain or pattern. See the best plain and pattern styles from this brand!

1. Plain and pattern styles

Like most Nigerians, we are used to imagining Ankara fabric as a colorful and vibrant material with bright and bold prints that can be used in any clothing, from formal gowns to swimsuits. However, Ankara fabric can also be plain-colored, and it doesn’t make it less fashionable or attractive.

Plain and pattern Daviva styles masterfully combine the two materials to create something even more stylish. Daviva often sells its fabrics in pairings, one plain and one pattern. Each fabric complements each other and is the perfect basis for the mix-and-match styles.

plain and pattern daviva styles

plain and pattern daviva

2. How to wear plain and pattern

Once you’re bought two pieces of Ankara fabric, one plain and one pattern, you face a very important decision: how to combine the two in one outfit for the most stunning result? You will be delighted to know that there are actually dozens of things you can make with just two pieces of Ankara material.

Without a doubt, the most popular styles for plain and pattern material are all kinds of dresses. Even if you’re used to wearing Ankara dresses made wholly from pattern fabric, you’re going to be surprised by how chic a combination of pattern and plain styles can look.

Daviva is so good at finding the perfect pairing for any color and pattern, that even when you don’t think two colors can look great together, they still create the perfect combo that will make you one of the most stylish guests at any event you’re attending.

styles for plain and pattern material

3. Other Daviva styles

As one of the leading fashion brands in Nigeria, Daviva has much more to offer to its beautiful customers. Besides the stunning plain and pattern styles, you will find a variety of other combinations and dress ideas in their lineup of products. Lace and chiffon styles mixed together with Ankara fabrics can help you create hundreds of unique and very trendy outfits!

Daviva styles