Mojire Agbetunsin: Do You Own Your Own Freedom?

We often associate the concept of freedom with being able to have unlimited fun without being stopped. Being able to have fun at your will is part of freedom, but we have to be careful not to lose our freedom in the process. Freedom is the ability to do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it and sometimes wherever you want to do it.

When you get into university, or when you’re leaving, it feels like you’re finally free. You’re thinking that you can do whatever you want now. You feel you are now in charge of saying yes to everything your parents or guardian have said noto. It is a good feeling, and it is a great thing to finally be the chief commander of your life.
The mistakes many people make is that, after gaining their freedom from whomever or whatever was in charge, they end up putting themselves in another prison. When your activities control you and not you controlling your activities you are basically not free.
Partying is not a bad thing; in fact, it is a good way of enjoying yourself and meeting people. It becomes bad when it becomes a habit that dictates the other things you do and when you do them. Some people party so much, they only have time to do other stuff, when there is no party to attend. In this case, the partying habit is your boss and it is your prison.
Personally, social media is my greatest downfall. I spend so much time online and I only pay full attention to what I have to do to when the internet is down or my battery is low.  My attention is constantly divided between social media and the work I have to do.  Social Media isn’t bad; you can learn a lot from it, get money and meet people.When it becomes something you cannot afford do without, then there is a problem.
Sometimes working too much could be bad. It might be your major source of income, what you enjoy and what you cannot avoid to do; all of which are good. Working more than you should, without having time for other areas of your life, is like being in a prison. Every other thing in your life is determined by your work.
Mismanaging our freedom sometimes could come as a form of channeling all we have into one part of our lives because of the situations we find ourselves in. In this case, it is easier for us to give control of our lives to one thing because we feel we’re too weak to be in charge. Other times we feel dedicating our life to one part helps us escape from the reality of our problems.
When we run away from our responsibilities to ourselves in the name of escaping from our problems, it doesn’t solve anything. No problem is too big to chase you away from owning your life because, at the end of the day, the problems are always waiting for you. You are never too weak to control your own life.
As humans, we get too comfortable focusing on one aspect of lives at the expense of the other aspects. We justify this by saying “it is a good thing I’m doing”. What you are doing might be good but a good life is meant to be balanced/ controlled by you and not by that one thing you’re addicted to that is costing you your freedom.
I think the major problem is that we get too comfortable with our lives being subjected to one thing, that we don’t see the need to balance it. Comfort is overrated. As Luvvie Ajayi said, “ Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”
For you to gain the freedom you so desire, you have to be in constant check with yourself. You have to make sure that you are still in charge because many times we lose our authority in our lives without even realizing it. To fully be in control of your life, you should never get too comfortable, and this requires you to have self-control and self-discipline.
Self-control helps you to regulate your thoughts, emotions, and actions. When you have self-control, you and nobody else or nothing else controls what you think about, what you feel or react to and how you act. On the other hand, self-discipline helps to keep you in check and helps to motivate you to do better. It helps you ask yourself if you are doing the right things at all times. These two major things help you to take ownership of yourself.
If you don’t know whether you are in charge of your life or not, keep yourself in check and be in full control of it.
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