Meet The 12 Finalists for the Google Impact Challenge Nigeria

The Google Impact Challenge is coming to Nigeria for the first time and this offers social innovators the opportunity to pitch their ideas. You can vote for your favourite Innovator and from the 12 finalists shortlisted, 3 winners will be chosen and then the final winner.

Each of the four winners will receive a $250,000 grant and the remaining eight finalists will receive a $125,000 grant but all 12 finalists will receive training from Google.

Here are the finalists:
  1. Junior Achievement (JA) Nigeria: Junior Achievement (JA) Nigeria’s goal is to raise 10,000 Digital Entrepreneurs by 2025 through the JA Company Program and reach One Million youth by 2020 with other JA programs. Click here to vote 
  2. Seed Tracker: Seed Tracker seek to enhance the quality of seed production and access to seed market through it’s Digital App. Seed Tracker gets to digitally connect seed producers, seed traders, and seed quality certifiers. Click here to vote
  3. The Roothub Tech 101: Tech 101’s goal is to equip 10,000 persons in remote and disadvantaged rural areas with digital skills that we enable them have access to employment. Click here to vote
  4. BudgIT Foundation: BudgIT Foundation seeks to raise a community that monitors government projects ensuring quality service delivery. Tracka will address critical issues including the lack of citizen participation in developmental projects. This project will impact the lives of 3 million citizens. Click here to vote
  5. Rural Development and Reformation Foundation: OLEJU seeks to empower low-income women in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. Their entrepreneurship hub trains beneficiaries to become paid artisans and assists them to build their small businesses. Click here to vote 
  6. Bunmi Adebayo Foundation: BAF trains teachers in public primary schools, they have trained 300 teachers from 18 schools in two years. In 2019, the project will be scaled to impact 1,050 teachers across 100 schools who will, in the course of their service, help more than 700,000 children access the right type of education. Click here to vote 
  7. The Cece Yara Foundation: The Cece Yara Foundation’s Free Child Helpline and Child Advocacy Centre provide children who have been sexually abused, or who are at risk, with a voice and direct access to healing and justice.  Click here 
  8. LearnFactory Nigeria: EmBED (Education made Beautiful, Engaging & Delightful): LearnFactory Nigeria seeks to make Education Accessible, Affordable, Engaging and Delightful for all kids through technology. This will be achieved through a curriculum that encourages practice-based self-learning and by providing conducive learning environments. Click hereto vote.
  9. Project Enable Africa: Project Enable Africa is a digital project that promotes the access of persons with disabilities and their caregivers to information and communication technologies, skills and opportunities. The project gives people with disabilities the ability to enhance their social, cultural, and economic integration in communities. This project will connect at least 1,000 persons to jobs. Click here to vote.
  10. HelpMum: HelpMum provides clean birth kits to pregnant women, giving them the best possible care during delivery; resolving maternal and infant mortality. HelpMum also provides life-saving health information to pregnant women and nursing mothers in their own indigenous languages. Click here to vote.
  11. Vetsark: Vetsark is launching an Alpha Prime Disease Surveillance Technology to predict, prevent and control pests and disease outbreaks in Nigeria, which have led to loss of harvests, income for farmers, and threat to public health of people in low-income communities. Click here to vote 
  12. Solar Sister Nigeria: Solar Sister Nigeria empowers women entrepreneurs in rural communities to build clean energy businesses and in five years, Solar Sister Nigeria will power 2,500 women’s businesses to bring clean energy access to over 1 million people. Click here to voteCredit: Impact Challenge with Google
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