JIJI'S UPDATE: Easter Gifts, That Everyone Will Love

Easter bunny will come to your house soon, so it’s time to decide, what will it give to your closest ones. Easter is a great family holiday, even if you’re not a religious person, it is still a terrific opportunity to have fun, be closer to your family and make them happy with an Easter gift. If you’re not sure yet what to get them, here are a few Easter present ideas, that might interest you.

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Baskets, filled with chocolate eggs and other desserts have become an essential part of the holiday, so here are some creative Easter basket ideas:

1. Edible Easter basket

Among the other ideas for Easter baskets, this one is the most practical, as it doesn’t require actually getting a basket. You can make it out of candies in carton boxes – put them together using duct tape to make them easier to pull apart later.

2. Toy truck basket

This one of is more suitable for younger children. Toys are always fun, but combining toys with candy is much more fun and pleasant. Huge trucks’ dumps are just made to put staff in them, so use them to make your kids happy on this merry holiday.

3. Balloon basket

This homemade Easter gift idea will help you to make a unique, creative basket for your chocolate eggs. All you’ll need is a balloon, colourful crochet threads and Elmer’s glue. Just inflate a balloon, tie it with crochet thread and proceed to wrap it all around the balloon. After you’re done, dip it into the glue mixed with water and leave it to dry off. When dry, you should pop a balloon and your basket is basically ready, just make and opening and make final decorations.

4. Easter basket with beauty products

This Easter hamper is more pragmatic, but nonetheless very pleasant present. It is a great choice for a gift for your wife or girlfriend, as they are working very hard every day to look the best. Add some candy to it (unless she is on a diet). Alternatively, make a spa set as your gift to give her a relaxing, calming and sensational present.

5. Papier-Mache egg basket

This Easter gift basket idea basically allows you to present the eggs inside the egg. To create such an egg-ception you will need an egg-shaped balloon, paper (lots of it, you’ll need to make at least three layers) and a sealant. Soak the stripes of paper in sealant and apply them to the balloon from bottom to top. When whole surface is covered, let it dry for 24 hours. After that, slowly cut the upper part of the egg and pop the balloon. You can glue the cut part to the bottom of the basket to make a foundation. Now you can paint it – use bright colours!

6. Bunny pouches

These bags not only look cute, but also can be used later on. Furthermore, it’s really easy to make, if you know how to use needle and threads. Just cut out two bunny-shaped pieces of fabric and sew them together. Don’t forget to make a cute bunny face on the front. Tie them on the top to make them more bunny-like.

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