At the age of 9, Jacques Goba immigrated to Caen, Normandy, in north-western France where he spent his childhood and adolescence. At the age of 20 he went back to his roots, spending 5 years in Ivory Coast, his home country.

While there he realized that Francophone Africa and France share a common heritage. Despite difficulties throughout history, the use of a common language makes it possible to share, think and create strong links between the peoples of the North and South. It’s a cultural asset that deserves to be highlighted. With United Souls, Jacques Goba wants to bring people together through

a strong and universal message. With United Souls Jacques Goba wishes to express what he calls his «Africanness»: human interchange in the pursuit of a common ideal. Using T-shirts as a medium, thanks to their organic cotton and stylish design, the message is powerful and provokes the citizens of the world to get involved in the struggle for African recognition and stand together as United Souls.

United Souls is a 100% organic casual and streetwear T-shirt brand with the wish to spread a unifying message about the duty of remembering African intellectuals who have been committed to defending civil rights in Africa and the rest of the world and is also a tribute to music and its key role in the struggles for the emancipation of oppressed peoples. Blues, jazz, soul, afrobeat, cumbia, hip-hop and what’s known as “global groove”, have indisputably entered contemporary culture and can be counted as a contribution to world cultural heritage.

Check the website: www.unitedsouls.fr

Kwame Nkrumah T-Shirt by United Souls


Nina Simone By United Souls


Amilcar Cabral by United Souls

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