It’s okay if you dislike me or the government I work for but let it not affect the love you have for this country – Presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad


Presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad has reacted to being dragged online after he tweeted about President Muhammadu Buhari’s itinerary shortly after it was reported that a train was attacked on the  Abuja-Kaduna rail route.


Bashir stated that while it is okay for him and the government he works for to be disliked, it shouldn’t affect the love people have for the country. 


Pointing out that he and the current government were not there 8 years ago, he added that Nigeria stays with us forever. 


The presidential aide wrote;


To dislike me or the government I work for is a freedom of choice, which I understand and respect, but please don’t let the dislike affects the love your have for this country. 8 years ago we weren’t here, and a year + months we won’t be around, but Nigeria stays with us forever.





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