I’m Okay With Only One Child – Actress Uche Jombo

Abia State-born actress, Uche Jombo, whose latest blockbuster, ‘Heaven On My Mind’ is about to hit the cinemas, has spoken out on her decision to stop having babies. 

Uche Jombo
While speaking in an exclusive interview with Inside Nollywood, popular Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo, again shied away from addressing the rumours surrounding the breakup of her marriage to Puerto Rican beau, Kenney Rodriguez. 
The Abia State-born actress who who spoke about her plans to stop having babies, said; “Sorry, I don’t talk about my marriage. As for having another child, no! I’m okay with just one child.”  
Speaking on the challenges of being a filmmaker, Jombo adjudged that it’s a process that only gets better with time and consistency.
“People often ask me about the challenges of a female filmmaker, but come on, it makes no difference whether you’re male or female. It’s not a gender thing.
Uche Jombo and son
“It’s all about filmmaking and how serious you are. For me, if you have an opportunity to make a film, just do it. If you don’t get it right the first time, try again; it’s a process.

“Let people see the change and growth as you continue. People should see the progress, and please, learn new things every time. Take a course; six months or one year, and try to do something different.
“This is a profession you can be in till you die, so you can always go back, rebrand and relaunch. Nollywood has really given us a lot, so we the veterans should try and invest in the industry.”
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