How To Take Care Of Natural Hair

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Whether you wear your hair relaxed, natural, or braided, there are many ways to keep it healthy and good-looking. You can take care of your hair with store-bought products or use natural recipes – choose whatever fits your hair the most.

While you can always go to a salon for hair care procedures, doing it at home is much more affordable and easier. Find out how to take care of natural hair at home right now!

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1. Washing

One of the most important secrets of how to maintain natural hair is to never wash it too often. Most ladies with natural hair wash their hair from once a week to twice a month – that way your mane won’t get too dry and brittle.

However, if you’re using a lot of styling products, wash your hair more often, but make sure to dilute your shampoo with water.

If you prefer to use natural remedies for your beauty, you will find many natural hair care recipes online. For example, a great way to keep your hair both clean and moisturized is to wash it with African black soap. Look forward to a recipe here later this week!

2. Co-washing

Girls who know exactly how to take care of natural hair swear by co-washing as their go-to hair care recipe. Co-washing is washing your hair with nothing but conditioner. This way to care for hair is especially great for dry or fragile hair that suffers from frequent shampoo use.

Co-washing needs to be done more often than regular wash – every 3 to 5 days is the best schedule. While applying conditioner, focus on your ends. After washing off the conditioner, you can maximize the healing and moisturizing effect by applying a bit of natural oil to your hair ends.

3. Styling

Unless you wear your hair in braids, there are several tips to follow when learning how to treat natural hair. The first rule is to brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb, and not with a brush – it’s the least traumatic way to comb hair. Never brush your hair while it’s wet, since it’s too vulnerable at that point.

If you’re wondering how to make natural hair curly, you’ll be happy to know that there is a natural way to achieve that. In fact, there are dozens of homemade natural hair products for black hair that can make your hair curly or smooth and shiny.

The best curling product you can use consists of just three ingredients: your favorite hair gel, castor oil, and shea butter.

There are also recipes for making your hair stronger, for achieving a glossy and sleek look, and for any other hair care needs. You can even ask your older family members – it may turn out that they have some great recipes in their stash.

4. How to take care of natural hair in braids

Braids and weaved hairstyles require a special approach in hair care – not all natural hair tips can be safely used for braided hair. The most important tip is to wear a satin headscarf during sleep to prevent the roots from drying out and the braids from wearing out too quickly.

Another tip is to regularly moisturize your scalp – even spraying plain water on your roots and scalp will maintain your braids and scalp in a great condition.

Finally, remember to keep a washing schedule – giving your braids a wash once every two weeks is a great way to keep them fresh.

5. Do’s and don’ts of natural hair care


  • Use a heat protection spray
  • Wear sewn-in weaves rather than glued-in
  • Go natural for a few weeks before braiding


  • Relax your hair too often
  • Wear braids and cornrows after they start to hurt
  • Ignore split ends – trim them regularly instead