How to clear Black Spot on your face.

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for Black Spots on Your Face

Many black spots or dark patches can be easily lightened or eliminated to restore a glowing facial complexion. Dark spots, patches and other marks on the face may be due to excess secretion of melanin on the skin.
Some factors that can lead to this condition include over exposure to the sun, hormone imbalance, pregnancy, certain medications, vitamin deficiencies, lack of sleep and too much stress.

Spots and patches on the face can be embarrassing and even lead to low self-esteem. Luckily, there are many possible treatments, such as acid peels and laser surgeries. Simple, natural homemade remedies also may reduce the appearance of spots and other blemishes on your face.
Here are top 10 home remedies for Black Spots on Face.
(Out of the 10, we have covered 3 home remedies in this video as well.)
1. Lemon Juice
A quick and easy solution can be found in your kitchen or your nearest grocery store – lemon juice. Lemons have vitamin C that can lighten dark spots on your face. It’s easy to apply.
1. Put some fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball and rub it directly on the affected skin area.
2. Allow it to dry and then wash it off with plain water.
3. Continue applying this dark spot removal home remedy for at least two weeks to get the desired result.
If you have delicate or sensitive skin , you can dilute the lemon juice with plain water, rose water, or honey. You can also use lime juice to get rid of black spots, applying it in the same manner as described above.
Note: Don’t use lemon juice if you have got open sores or lesions on the skin. Also, avoid going out in the sun after using the lemon juice as it can make your skin photosensitive.
2. Potato
Your vegetable drawer is another source of home remedies for black spots or dark patches. Potatoes have natural bleaching properties that help fade spots, scars as well as blemishes. The starch in potato helps reduce pigmentation, while the enzymes in it promote healthy skin.
Potatoes can be applied in one of the three ways:
Method 1
1. Slice up a potato.
2. Place one slice directly on the black spots.
3. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water.
Method 2
1. Peel and grate a potato.
2. Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in the grated potato.
3. Apply the mask on your face and allow it to dry for 15 minutes.
4. Rinse it off using lukewarm water.
Method 3
1. Extract the juice of 1 potato.
2. Add a little lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder to it.
3. Apply this mixture on your black spots.
4. Allow it to dry, then rinse it off.
Some people have also had success using tomatoes to get rid of dark black spots within a few weeks.
3. Buttermilk
Buttermilk is also beneficial in getting rid of dark spots. Like lemon juice, it also helps fade blemishes and black spots but without causing burning sensation. The lactic acid in it will gradually reduce skin pigmentation and brighten your overall skin complexion .
1. Take 4 teaspoons of buttermilk.
2. Add 2 teaspoons of fresh tomato juice.
3. Mix the two ingredients (both have excellent bleaching properties) and then apply.
4. Wash it off after 15 minutes.
If you do not have buttermilk, simply soak a cotton ball in milk and dab it directly on your spots. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off. Repeat this procedure twice daily for 4 to 5 weeks.
4. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera has many healing properties and is a great natural dark spot corrector. Its gel has polysaccharides that stimulate the growth of new skin cells to help reduce dark spots and heal scars.
A 2010 study published in the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research throws light on many skin benefits of aloe vera gel. The study says that this gel can help clear dark spots and skin blemishes and make the skin clearer.
1. Extract fresh aloe vera gel from an aloe leaf.
2. Apply it directly on dark patches and black spots.
3. Gently massage the area with your fingertips for a few minutes.
4. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse your face.
5. Repeat this once or twice daily for a few weeks to fade skin discolorations.
If it becomes messy, use a clean cloth soaked in warm water to remove the mask. Follow this treatment once or twice a week.
Vitamin E oil and castor oil, too, are useful in getting rid of black spots.
5. Sandalwood
Sandalwood is another effective option. The natural oils in it can help clear black spots naturally. It even adds a healthy glow to your skin.
1. Make a thick paste of 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder, 1 tablespoon of glycerin and 3 tablespoons of rose water. (If you don’t have rose water, you can use milk or honey.)
2. Apply the thick paste to the affected skin area, leaving it on for a few minutes. Wash off the paste with lukewarm water.
3. Follow this remedy once daily until your black spots vanish completely.
6. Turmeric
Turmeric is another popular skin-lightening agent that can be used to get rid of black spots on your face. It repairs free radical damage and reduces skin pigmentation and discoloration. It is also effective for quickly removing sun spots and age spots.
1. Make a thick paste of 2 teaspoons of turmeric and a little milk and lemon juice.
2. Apply it to the skin where there are black spots.
3. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.