How Paris Hilton saved a friend from death

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Paris Hilton helped a drunk friend avoid serious criminal charges or even worse.
According to law enforcement sources, the hotel heiress recently had a party at her Los Angeles home and a male friend got drunk. He was about to drive home but checked his pockets to find his car keys gone. He immediately called the police, in a drunken state, to report that the housekeeper had taken the keys away from him.

TMZ reports that when law enforcement arrived, they discovered Paris was behind the decision. 
Paris told the policemen who arrived at her home that the guy’s keys were taken because he was too drunk and she couldn’t risk having him drunk driving. The police concluded that Paris was being a gracious host and only looking out for her friend, who ended up getting home via Uber.
Back in 2006, Paris was arrested for DUI. At the time, she had said she would not have been able to live with herself if anyone was injured or killed while she drove drunk. 
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