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The story has been told of a handsome male model who was stabbed to death by another model in London over a girl. 

Harry Uzoka
According to a BBC report, a male model has been stabbed to death by a jealous catwalk rival after an Instagram feud over a girl.
The case has been dragged to court.
Harry Uzoka, a 25-year-old Nigerian-born model, was knifed in the heart by George Koh, 24, jurors were told.
Koh was obsessed with the success of Zara and GQ model Harry — who accused him of copying his style, the Old Bailey heard. Heartbreaking Story Of Handsome Nigerian Model Stabbed To Death In London Because Of A Girl (Photos)

But after Koh, who worked for Louis Vuitton, bragged he had slept with Harry’s girlfriend, model Ruby Campbell, Harry said he wanted to settle the row “face to face”.
The pair arranged to meet in Shepherd’s Bush, West London, on January 11.
Prosecutor Richard Horwell QC, said Harry recruited his flatmate Adrian Harper and both men armed themselves with metal bars for the fight.
But Koh took two pals, Jonathan Okigbo and Merse Dikanda, both 24. Koh armed himself with two knives while Dikanda had a “particularly large” machete-style blade, jurors heard.
Mr Horwell said: “It is not difficult to work out which side won and which lost.”
The court heard Mr Harper fled but Harry was cornered by a parked car where Koh knifed him three times.
Koh killed Uzoka over a girl
Mr Horwell said Harry managed to get away and run to his nearby home, where he collapsed and died.
Koh gave himself up three days later. He said in a statement: “I acted in self defence. I was on the floor when he fell on to me.”
Koh, Okigbo, and Dikanda, all of Camden, North London, deny murder. Dikanda also denies possessing a machete.
The trial continues.
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