Glossier is Launching Something Totally Unexpected (It’s Not Makeup Or Skincare)

The internet’s favourite makeup and skincare brand, Glossier, is launching a product we never knew we needed from them—a fragrance. Glossier and Into The Gloss CEO and Founder, Emily Weiss, stopped by beauty podcast Fat Mascara’s 52nd episode (that’s one year of FM btw!) to talk upcoming releases. Weiss disclosed that the brand is working on a grey-ish eyeshadow and a sunscreen—both great but not exactly unexpected, since Glossier has released makeup in the past.

But the announcement that really caught our attention? The upcoming release of a Glossier perfume!

“I’m a big Le Labo and Byredo fan. I go through phases. We’re also working on a perfume and I can say no more than that,” Weiss said, “But it’s fucking amazing.”

One thing we can say for sure: get ready to see the bottle all over your Instagram feed.

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