From quick release and small cucumber, I now drill madam wella in za other room till she cries tears of joy, thanks to super bazooka

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I wrote JAMB so many times that JAMB and her Registrar personally knew my name.

Year after year JAMB kept JAMBING me.

I had always Dreamt of Studying my dream course Medicine and Surgery but allas every year was a nightmare as it was either I couldn’t get the cut-throat cut off mark or I was posted out after Post JAMB since my Parents weren’t connected enough for me to gain Admission.

It had been years since I finished secondary school with a WAEC result of 4As and 4Cs so it was expected I go to University as soon as possible but as the Years went bye I was increasingly getting depressed.

Even making some money at a Part Time Job as a Marketer of Health equipment never took away the pain.

It made it worse.

When my younger sister got admission to the University, everyone continued to tell me to change my Course of study that I can switch over or Study medicine later….

But how could I?…..I knew I was destined to be a brilliant doctor… a Surgeon, West Africa And The World at large would be proud of…….Dr Ben Carson, Paediatric Neurosurgeon was my Rolemodel And Hero….

I later became discouraged at the years my siblings spent at home due to Strikes in Nigerian universities and more time spent waiting for service….


I almost gave up…There was no hope in sight of getting admission…

I was frustrated and devastatingly disappointed….

Till i came across someone who told me i could Study in Ukraine….study in Ukraine…How? Why?


Because There are no strikes he told me . In 6 years you are done…..
Your Medical certificate is recognized worldwide
Its Easy to travel and work in Europe/USA when done

You pay Low school fees compared to the west…..
Low living costs.

Wow! Am in… I said excitedly back then thanking God for this wonderful opportunity….
.Fast forward 6 years and am now finally a MEDICAL DOCTOR ready to take on the World.
My Swearing in was 2 months ago and i can’t wait to start Internship…..

My Parents are so proud of me………NEVER give Up on your dreams…NEVER!!

It almost all came to an end soon after.
All the sleepless nights, the sacrifices almost ended 2 weeks after my induction
I was driving one night and I couldn’t see clearly because of the the glare
from oncoming headlights from other vehicles.

I had been taking great risks on . nights because I had near misses
I was almost hit several times because I could not see well at Night

I didn’t see the curb one evening,
Didn’t know when i suddenly Kissed it,
Hit it and before you could say Muhammadu Buhari I quickly sommersaulted.
Before I knew it the car was upside down
and I was unconscious with blood gushing out of my mouth

I was immediately rushed to the hospital.
Emergency surgery was performed on me.
I lost so much blood I almost gave up the ghost
My Mum cried her eyes out

All the money invested in me, All the Hopes and dreams of my Parents….
Almost lost forever

I slowly regained consciousness after 5 days
My Mum and fiancee cried unimaginable emotional heart wrenching tears of Joy

The tears refused to stop flowing
I was later discharged after a month
The thanksgiving at Church was the talk of the Town

God punish devil
Life dey short abeg
i quickly got married to the love of my life
And settled down to married life

But my Cucumber was ridiculously tiny like a pencil
After 1 minute , i spilled my milk quickly
And Action was over to the disgust of my wife

Took all manner of pills, tablets, creams to increase my Abunna
No way.
It still dangled embarassingly smaller than my little finger
My wife threatened to leave me
I thought all hope was lost

Till I saw this 100% effective Natural solution
It increased my size and saved my marriage


I call it the final bus stop
My one minute quick spillage is GONE forever
Thanks to to this miraculous Legendary saviour


Makes your small cucumber to become a mighty Cocoyam
I kid you not


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