Finally the Real Stew ! Win and Own Your Own House

The 9th of October 2018 began like any other day for Mrs. Joy Maha, on her way to work that morning, she saw the Own Your Own home promotion billboard like she had seen it many times before. She decided on this day to take action, a simple action, in her own words, she said: “I kept seeing the billboard every morning on my way to work and just decided to give it a try she went online to www.ownyourown.ngand bought tickets to enter the 1st Draw.

Own Your Own promotion by Triple-T Premium Estate Limited a real estate company with a unique proposition, offering Nigerians the chance to Win and Own a Home with just N2000.
Phase one of the Own Your Own promotion comprises of a premium newly built block of flats with 9 Apartments of 2-Bed Rooms, located in the Federal Capital City, Abuja.
Finally the Real Stew ! Win and Own Your Own House
Own Your Own – Apartments
One winner walks away with the keys to an apartment every 30days, through an open, transparent and independently managed Raffle Draw held right at the property. The winner gets full ownership, to an apartment, no strings attached, no hidden fee what so ever.
1st Draw ticket sales opened on Independence Day the 1st of October and Mrs. Joy Maha was the lucky winner for the October Raffle Draw held on the 31st of October and now the proud owner of Apartment number 9.
Finally the Real Stew ! Win and Own Your Own House
Winner Mrs. Joy Maha
Finally the Real Stew ! Win and Own Your Own House
Mr. and Mrs. Maha
Second Raffle Draw.
The Raffle Draw event for the second Winner will be held on the 1st of December.
3rd Draw Open Today, Enter Now Online at
Finally the Real Stew ! Win and Own Your Own House
Finally the Real Stew ! Win and Own Your Own House
Own Your Own is a national promotion with approval from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. Nigerians from all walks of life over the age of 18 years are eligible to participate and enter each monthly draw. The More your tickets in each draw, the better your chances.
Winning A Home.
The possibilities are endless on winning a house via the own your own promotion, you can live in it, you can rent it out and make a new stream of income or you can sell it outright and make a lump sum to invest in your business, family, career or whatever you deem fit.
Truth be told who wouldn’t want to win a home?
  • First, you don’t go through the hassle of buying or acquiring land, getting relevant building permits and a building design.
  • Secondly, you don’t have to come up with the huge cost upfront to put steel rods, brick, and mortar together to get you a beautiful structure
  • Thirdly you don’t have to worry about the cost of giving it an excellent finishing.
Triple-T Premium Estate Own Your Own promotion help takes all of this out of the way for one lucky winner every month. We build premium homes, not for sale or for rent but for those willing to take a chance and opt-in to our monthly Raffle Draw.
Every month a Nigerian family would walk away with a brand-new home of their own, full ownership the keys, deeds, and all titles and the best part is – Tickets to enter each draw cost you just N2000 a ticket.
Some can build a house, some can buy a house, some can even inherit a house, but everyone can stand a chance at winning through the #ownyourown Promotion. Mrs. Joy Maha is a living testament.
“fortune always favors the bold”.
December Draw , Enter Now Online at
or call for more details 09092244445, 09060001676 ,09071345156, and 09051058183
One Apartment, One Winner Every 30days – Own Your Own, touching lives one house at a time.
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