Fashion Update: Vincent Desmond: Fashion Media Need to Change Its Approach To Up & Coming Creatives

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When one looks at the Nigerian digital fashion space one can’t help but be in awe of the changes and growth that has taken place in a few short years. Taking a stroll down memory lane will have you discovering that once upon a time, finding your feet in the Nigerian

fashion industry was as hard as hitting Mariah Carey’s high notes. Requiring a certain level of skill, talent and yes, a healthy dash of luck – but fast forward a few years, some revolutionary thinking, the invention of the iPhone, the creation of a digital e-photo album aka Instagram and a few other things that I either don’t know or can’t start listing, and all of a sudden starting your career started in fashion as a blogger, influencer, designer or journalist is in your hands. Literally.

Is it still hard [to break into fashion]?
Of course, that goes without saying, it’s just not as hard as it once was.
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