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Prom is a very important day of everyone’s life, as it marks the end of a teenage era. After this event, your childhood is over and you will have to make some life changing decisions.

You will have to say goodbye to your school and teachers, and maybe even to some of your friends. That’s why you have to make sure, that you won’t ever forget this day and you should be your best self, including the way you look.

Nigerian prom dresses have always been gorgeous, but you really need to choose something exceptional to become the center of everyone’s attention. Here is a list of popular prom dresses 2017 styles, that you should consider choosing.

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1. Ankara prom dresses

This African prom dresses will never go out of style and you will be able to wear them on any and every special occasion you want. They come in different forms, so you should be able to find whatever you like.

They include whole-dress ornaments, monotone dresses with Ankara elements, strapless, backless dresses, dresses with deep décolleté or without one at all, long and short dresses etc. If you’re going to prom with your SO, it would be a great idea to incorporate elements of your Ankara design into his outfit, like Ankara shirt or at least a tie.Ankara prom dresses prom dressesafrican prom dresses

2. Lace prom dresses

Lace is a really classy and gentle material, you will definitely rock in one of these on your prom night. Lace dresses are usually worn with an underdress, which makes them less revealing, while leaving an ornament visible. Lace prom dresses can also come in different styles, you can get either long or a short one – both will look impressive.Lace prom dresses

3. Classic prom gowns

These Nigeria dresses for prom might not be that original, but if you’re looking for a safe option, then this style is just for you.

These dresses are usually made, using silk or similar synthetic fabric, sometimes lace ornament or other patterns are added on chest and on the bottom of a skirt. Gowns usually have thin straps and not very deep décolleté, sometimes they are made backless.prom gownsdresses for prom

4. Trumpet prom dresses

These dresses have a distinctive style – they are tight-fitting above your knees and below they are widened up to the floor.

This style has become really popular in recent years, it works with all kinds of fabrics and it suits most of the body types there are. It looks really stunning, even if you’ve decided not to wear it to the prom, you should definitely try wearing it some other time.

Trumpet prom dresses

5. Short prom dresses

Prom is usually full of events and an official part is followed by a dance party. If you’re not ready to spend the whole evening in something uncomfortable, yet you want to draw everyone’s attention to you, then this style is just for you.

It can be either a tight-fitting official look or more of a free careless design. There is also an option of wearing a short dress with a long detachable coat, this way you’ll be able to change your style anytime you want.Short prom dresses