Day Farm Moringa products. I’m currently found in SHOPRITE stores and I’m coming to your neighborhood stores soon

I am Day Farm Moringa products. I

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I have strong medicinal values. I doubt there’s any plant more medicinal than I am. However, for you to experience my powers I need to be in your home. I honestly really want to come to you so I can make your health feel my healing abilities. Why take black tea which has high caffeine or green tea which has low caffeine. My tea forms are in  Ginger and Lemon grass flavors, so you can add milk and sugar into me and enjoy me with bread for breakfast. I am also in pure moringa tea.  I am an all win deal for you, you enjoy me while I go to work in your body. 
I am Day Farm Moringa products. I
I’m not expensive, so if you choose to buy me I will detox you, I will boost your immunity, I will help flatten your big tummy, I’ll make you look better nourished, yes, because I contain so much nutritional and medicinal values. 
…..and I usually don’t disappoint like “Amaka”.
I am also in powder form. Most people don’t like taking me when I’m in this form because of how I taste, however I’m  more potent in powder form. You just take me with a table or tea spoon and mix with warm water and wallah… I’m in. When I get into that your tummy, then you’ll know why they say I treat over 300 illnesses. You’ll know why they call me God’s gift to humanity, or God’s gift to the elderly.  
You just need to have me. I not only love you, I love healing.
Find me at any shoprite outlets nationwide. I’ll be in your neighborhood stores soon.
I am Day Farm Moringa products. I
I am Day Farm Moringa products. I
I am Day Farm Moringa products. I
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