Certain factors to consider in Real Estate Investment

There are certain factors we take into consideration:

1. Location.
We choose land mass with good proximity to both present and future landmarks that would in turn yield financial value to the property in question.

2. Master plan.
Since we buy directly from the government, We have first hand overview of the master plan for the area of interest and determine if it’s good enough as it affects our investment, bearing our clients in mind.

3. Certification.
We perfect all our titles to Certificate of Occupancy and subsequently, Governor’s Consent before we proceed to list and sell to clients. Hence all our estates are 100% certified so you do not have to stress or pay extra in future.

4. Value to clients.
We can guarantee that your investment would yield maximum return on investment of at least 80% per annum. Future prospecting is key and we are known for these reasons.
5. Integrity & Trust.
Need we say more?
All these and many more are our BRAND and has earned us loyal and repeat clients both in Nigeria and the diaspora.
Wouldn’t you rather invest with us?

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