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They looked at me and said’she is the victim.she was molested, abused and her mouth shut from lamenting…’SERIOUSLY? Was that all you noticed?i guess i played my card well?Now look at me again…there is no sadness in my eyes,my neatly braided hair is perfectly arranged,i didn’t even struggle to free from his grip,i held his hand gently like i was in love with him.YES I’M ALMOST NAKED! But it’s not out of line to look sassy for the one i love..

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Will it surprise you if i say he is the victim here?you don’t expect him to rape me with those big clothes still on.How dare him reject my love advance after living under my parent’s roof for years.how stupid of him to tell me that I’m like a sister to him.IF I CAN’T HAVE HIM ALL TO MYSELF ,THEN I WILL RUIN HIM ALL BY MYSELF!!!..I was ready to play the victim card and make the world condem him but fear made him shut me up.he also shut himself up sadly cause no one will believe him either.now he is trapped between the devil and the red sea…i give it the concept…#BLACKMAIL#

#storyby Allison Lynda

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