Bitcoin Celebrate’s 10Years of active service today: To celebrate, Quidax is giving N10,000 to 100 new users

Bitcoin is 10 today: ?To celebrate, Quidax is giving N10,000 to 100 new users
Quidax is giving N10,000 to every 10th user that signs up on the exchange. A total of 100 new users will receive N10,000 to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies today.

On this day in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper aimed at offering an alternative to the traditional banking system. It was this paper that has led to what is now known as Bitcoin, an easy and seamless way to send payments over the internet. The paper was published during one of the worst financial crises the world had ever seen. It was said to have been published in reaction to the financial crisis.
To celebrate this day in history, Quidax, a European based cryptocurrency exchange will give N10,000 to every 10th user that sign up to the platform. The Quidax platform enables users to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seamlessly using their local currencies.
How to participate
1. Sign up
2. Follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram
3. Every 10th new user gets N10k
T&Cs apply, good luck.

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