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There is a myth that says Africans don’t read and if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book. A start-up company Bambooks, is out to prove that these statements are indeed false and that Africans (especially Nigerians) love reading books by local and international authors.

Bambooks is a digital library that offers users access to thousands of eBooks, magazines and comics from any internet connected device including mobile phones, tablets and computers.  From Romantic Fiction to Entrepreneurship, Self-help, Religious, and Educational Books, there’s something for every reader. Users simply need to go to their website or download the Bambooks mobile app from the Google Play store or App Store for free and sign up to start reading. Bambooks currently has a monthly and annual membership plan that gives users unlimited access to the library. The monthly plan costs N500/month while the annual plan is N5,000/year and users can subscribe using their debit cards or bank accounts.
Bambooks also seeks to empower local authors to distribute and monetize their craft across Nigeria and the continent. It is a well-known fact that the distribution of physical books is a major challenge in Nigeria with little or no bookstores and libraries across major cities in the country. These infrastructure problems lead to low literacy levels and poor reading habits as many Nigerians don’t have the resources to travel long distances or buy physical books at prices way above their purchasing power. The scarcity of books also fuels the increasing trends of piracy with annual revenue losses to legitimate content owners running to the hundreds of millions of naira. Bambooks solves all these problems through their digital publishing platform and hopes to inspire a new generation of writers and content creators.
The Founder and CEO of Bambooks, Ugo Okoye, said this at the mobile app launch event last week, “We live in a world today where information is power and knowledge is the new gold. Reading allows anyone to acquire this power and transform their life almost instantly and my hope is that Bambooks will help in creating a better future for Nigerians”.
Bambooks Limited is a Lagos based company with its headquarters at 3 Maitama Sule Street, Ikoyi, Lagos. If you would like to contact them you can send an email to or call +234-12918673.
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