Alexx Ekubo features in Zodiacaa’s Sultry New Campaign!

Nigerian-American model and designer Fancy Acholonu has launched a zodiac sign jewellery store called Zodiacaa. 
According to the press release, the store intends to cater to individuals who want to wear jewellery associated with their Zodiac signs. Zodiacaa had a soft launch earlier in July and

the collection started out with only rings that were designed from scratch by Fancy. Today the store is extending its offerings to include zodiac necklaces, earrings and so much more to come.

Zodiacaa is inspired by the creative director’s passion and knowledge in astrology and her love for beautiful jewellery. Her desire to create and launch this store was to give people who wish to express their own unique astrological sign in a stylish way. Zodiac sign jewellery is timeless it captures the personality and essence of the person wearing it. Everyone has a zodiac sign so everyone has something they will love at Zodiacaa, with several styles, sizes, and colour options.

Credits:Designer/CEO: @fancyacholonu
Campaign models: @alexxekubo @fancyacholonu
Campaign photographer: @trans4mazfotography
Campaign MUA: @stephanieani_mua
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