7 Must-Have Apps For New Moms

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If you’ve recently had a baby or are planning to become a mother soon, you have so much to take care about that it can be very nice to get some help. In this day and age you can successfully use your mobile phone to make parenting easier and more satisfying with the help of some wonderful apps. Find out which apps you should have on your phone to make the parenting process simply a breeze!

1.Today’s Parent My Family

If you want to keep information on your baby in one convenient place, it should be this app. Parent My Family lets you effortlessly keep track of your baby’s progress. There is a lot of helpful information on the development stages of babies, as well as an opportunity to store photos and videos of your little one.


2.Cloud Baby Monitor

Getting a baby monitor can be rather expensive, and you may not even need to use a baby monitor all the time. However, when you need to know what’s happening to your baby in another room, just use this app by connecting two devices and getting a clear video and audio, as well as notifications whenever something changes.



3.White Noise Baby

It’s a well-known fact that babies sleep better when they are surrounded by white noise. If you can’t find a source of white noise around you, you can use this app. It has lots of sounds that range from classical music to vacuum cleaning, which means at least one of them will be exactly what your baby needs.


4.My Baby Today

The baby’s first year is filled with exciting development stages and events, so if you don’t want to miss anything and want to always be informed, try this app. With sleep and feeding trackers, checklists, and useful advice on baby upbringing you will enjoy being a new parent even more.



Growth is one of the most important parameters of baby development, and this app lets you make sure your baby is developing correctly. There are charts based on WHO templates and an opportunity to create your own charts, as well as a special section for babies that were born prematurely.



Every new mom takes dozens of pictures of her little one every day, but if you want your photos to look even better, use this easy and versatile photo editor. Just a couple of buttons can elevate your photos even if they were taken in bad lighting, so that your memories could be stored in the most beautiful way.


7.WebMD Baby

Keeping the baby healthy is every new parent’s number one goal, and this app makes it much easier by presenting you with relevant information on everything concerning the baby’s well-being. Check symptoms, get essential medical tips, and find out how to take great care of your baby’s health.

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