7 Fashion Trends Kenyan Ladies Totally Rocked In 2016

Kenyan ladies are not left behind when it comes to the slay game…are we still using the word slay guys?

I love all these Instagram shops that toe the line when it comes to shipping in the latest trends to make sure that we are religiously and fashionably keeping up with Kylie Jenner!

In 2016, we saw some trends from the 90s make a comeback, makeup trends changed, the #naturalhairmovement became a thing and boy! Didn’t girls slay!

Here are fashion trends in Kenya that defined 2016:

1. Natural hair movement.

I love how Kenyan ladies got tired of the weaves and relaxers and joined the natural hair movement. This was huge! The styles ranged from twist outs to short hair to tapered cuts and honestly, all we can say is, thumbs up ladies. You all look super gorgeous! It’s definitely the #BlackGirlMagic! Keep at it!

Sheila Ndinda natural hair blogger


2. Bodysuits.

The bodysuit, a trend from the 90s slithered its way into 2016 to bless us. In all honesty, I will never get tired of the bodysuit. It has its way of polishing up the entire look and can be paired with just about anything, from shorts, to pants to anything high-waisted. Long live the bodysuit!

Body suit fashion


3. Chokers.

The choker has got to be the most overrated trend of 2016. It got to point where even wearing a shoelace as a choker was deemed as chic. In my opinion, I think this trend needs to die this year. It’s simply OVER-DONE!

how to style chokers


4. Knee-length gladiator sandals.

We saw them on Kenyan style influencers; they look great when styled properly i.e. simple separates or a less busy top since the sandals are already busy at the bottom. But just like the chokers, I say, let’s leave these in 2016…

gladiator sandals


5. Cold shoulders.

This was one of my favorite trends in 2016. The beauty of cold shoulders is the fact that it’s inclusive of women of all ages and body shapes and sizes. Showing off the shoulders has never and will never be deemed as indecent which is why this was the ultimate summer trend. I hope that this trend transitions into 2017.

cold shoulder trend


6. The block heel.

This is the shoe trend that dominated 2016. We ditched the stiletto heel for the more comfortable block heel and what I loved about the block heel was the fact that you can totally rock it even during the day and also the fact that it came in all shapes from strappy to sandal.

how to wear block heels


7. Ombre lips & eyebrows on fleek.

In all honesty, I’m glad that we have moved far far far away from the days people would cut away the eyebrows and draw them back on using an eye pencil. I hope that trend never ever resurrects! 2016 was all about defined eyebrows. The thicker the better, no one was left behind on the eyebrows on fleek trend. Ombre lips however, was not one of my favorite trends I don’t get the concept of more than one color on the lips it’s not the sexiest look ever, let’s leave the black lip and ombre lip in 2016 ladies.

Ombre lip trend


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