5 Kimono Jacket Styles Just For You

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Kimono jacket has become a usual part of our style, despite the foreign, far away from the actual origin of this clothing. From Japanese, the word “kimono” simply translates as “clothing”, but in the whole world, this word means traditional long Japanese robe.

This robe has inspired Nigerian kimono style, that is similar in its free cut and length, but with its unique traits and features. Here are a few examples with pictures of Nigerian kimono jackets, that you’ll absolutely love.kimono style

1. Ankara kimono jacket

Right now, Ankara is one of the most popular and widespread fabrics, that are used in Nigerian fashion. It combines both traditional motifs and modern bright and colorful style, and this combination works really well with such piece of clothing as kimono jacket.

Ankara kimono can be worn on anything, from shorts and top to all-black classic shirt and pants. If you want to add some color to your wardrobe, then this choice is just for you!pictures of nigerian kimonokimono jacket 

2. Chiffon kimono jacket

This type of jacket is light and semi-transparent, it works great for hot weather and, for example, as an addition to your swim suit or just as a small detail to your overall outfit.

Pick your chiffon kimono style for it to be close to your main clothing, so that chiffon cape compliments and not conflicts with your primary style.Chiffon kimono jacket

3. Monotone sleeveless kimono

This style seems quite popular among Nigerian women, that’s why it deserves its own spot on this list. Sleeveless kimono jackets work well with hot climates, and its monotone design makes it really cheap and accessible, yet stylish. It is a great choice as a simple shoulder cover-up – if you just want to add an additional layer to your attire.sleeveless kimono

4. Full-coverage kimono

This type of kimono jacket somewhat resemblances a dress, and, in fact, it is the closest analog of the Japanese predecessor. Designers usually make it with a number of pleats, which make it look like an elaborate structure. There are simpler variations of this jacket, which actually look like an outerwear and resemble a coat. This type of kimono works great with the Ankara fabric.Full-coverage kimono

5. Short kimono jacket

This shortened version of the outfit looks less like a jacket, but more like free-cut blouse or shirt. Although it doesn’t really resemble other types of kimono, it is still a great stylish choice and is great to create more casual look. You can wear it on T-shirt and jeans, and it still will you’re your look more original and colorful.Short kimono jacket