30 Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola – And Even More!

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Health benefits of bitter kola today are really hard to underestimate!

The legend of creating a Kola tree says that the Kola nut was originally the food of the gods. Once, one of the gods left a piece of this nut on Earth for people to find it. Since then, the Kola tree and Kola nut have been widely used both in medicine and in cosmetology due to their stimulating, astringent, draining, decongestant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, vasoprotective, lipolytic and a number of other properties.

For everyone interested in the best natural cures we have prepared this ultimate list that includes benefits of bitter kola for various health issues!

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1. 30 health benefits of bitter leaf

  1. This is an excellent tonic and stimulant, improving brain function and concentration of attention, completely relieving of drowsiness and fatigue including age-related fatigue;
  2. Treatment of dysentery, fever, vomiting and exhaustion;
  3. Natural bronchodilator to facilitate asthma;
  4. An excellent antioxidant;
  5. Treating toothache and mouth inflammation;
  6. Natural diuretic;
  7. A direct cause-effect connection between bitter kola and weight loss has been clinically proven: the extract of the cola nut suppresses appetite and accelerates the production of gastric juice to improve digestion and speed up the metabolism;
  8. Fights high temperature;
  9. Libido stimulation;
  10. Fights Leptospirosis;
  11. Fights Appendicitis;
  12. Tumor prevention;
  13. Lowers high blood pressure;
  14. Fights respiratory infections;
  15. Treatment of rheumatism;
  16. Fights itching;
  17. Treats insect bites;
  18. Remedy against hepatitis;
  19. Remedy against Diabetes;
  20. Treatment of congestive heart failure;
  21. Treatment of venereal diseases, urinary tract infections;
  22. Helps to dissolve gallstones;
  23. Natural diuretic;
  24. Fights Malaria;
  25. Helps to treat influenza;
  26. Treatment of functional diarrhea (the one caused by nervous breakdowns);
  27. Effective against migraines;
  28. Treats ear infections;
  29. Relieves labor pain in women
  30. Famous for its antimicrobial properties: inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause dangerous diseases, including tuberculosis and meningitis – another very important health benefit of wonderful kola!

bitter kola

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2. Using bitter kola in cosmetology

In cosmetology, kola powder is often used to tighten and regenerate skin, stimulate cellular activity, improve hair and nail growth.

Kola facial masks and body wraps accelerate lipolysis of subcutaneous fat-restoring skin elasticity, normalizing blood circulation for an excellent anti-cellulite effect.

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3. Benefits of bitter kola and honey

Honey and bitter kola are both natural bacteria fighters, and the benefits of eating bitter kola with honey simply double!

Honey in combination with bitter kola is used both externally and internally to treat epidemic parotitis and epidemic roseola in children.

This combination is also effective against a sore throat, coarse voice and acne.

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4. Bitter kola side effects

If taken in proper amounts, bitter kola is quite safe. Side effects of bitter kola may include appetite loss, upset stomach, throwing up, rash, headache, runny nose, and tiredness.

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