20 Instagram Looks to Copy During This Weird Midseason Weather

Our calendars say it’s spring. Our thermostats say LOL. Much as we’d like to hibernate until Mother Nature decides to pull it together, we have work and social obligations to attend to. Since each new day brings with it a new season, our best advice for beating this weird transitional weather is to check the forecast religiously and layer, layer, layer. Fairly obvious, we know — but we’re not done. Break out the sundresses, the satin overalls, the denim shorts! Push the boundaries of skin-baring! But do it in a smart way, so you don’t spend the first few weeks of actual 60-degree-plus spring stuck in bed with pneumonia.

Don’t worry, we intend to get more specific. Click through the slideshow above for 20 early spring outfits that’ll (hopefully) last you until the weather stops acting like an extremist dictator.

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